It’s been a good day!

As not a lot of people know, I’ve been diagnosed with dyslexia while at uni, meaning exams and assignments have been hard for me. I’ve tired to do my theory since I was 18 (was too busy working at 17 to even think about it!) and I would always fail but 1 or 2 marks which really affected my confidences. My exams at uni didn’t go to plan either, failing by 1 mark (luckily I didn’t fail to much!) but today, at the age of 19, I have finally passed my theory! I’m extremely proud of myself and so glad I didn’t give up!

Now I can focus on the actual driving part! Hopefully I’ll find that part a lot easier as I’ve been driving lots of different tractors, farm trucks and quads growing up and have a basic understanding of driving.

Impossible can’t happen without possible

So happy! 😁😁

Mali x