Mental Health..

This has been probably the hardest blog post.. trying to string the words together has been difficult and I can’t believe in 2017 it’s still something no one can talk about. Mental health will have affected nearly everyone over their life span, some are just unlucky that they deal with it a lot younger than others. My personally experience with mental heath has been a battle I fight everyday since I was around 13. (But let’s not get into that!)


Farmers around the world have been dealing with mental heath issues, such as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts so why aren’t we doing anything to help? The financial struggle for some farmers is enough to pack it all in after years of hard work.

Lots of farmers feel that there isn’t anyone to talk to and/or no one will understand, as farmers do have a lot of people depending on them, especially kids who live on the farm at home with parents getting a bit older and not being able to do as much as they used too.

Over the last few years mental health has been something which is getting easier to talk about and get support for, but for a lot of people, young or old it’s not enough. Action needs to be taken. I would like some of my followers and lovely reads to just take the time and reach out to a friend that is maybe having a bad time at the moment and help them.

I’m offering myself to anyone who needs help or just a chat to make the day easier! My inbox will be checked my regularly and I will always reply, no matter what time or day.

I am also raising money for a mental health charity called Visyon which is based in Cheshire.


Dairy Industry… don’t worry, it’s good!

So my lovelies, today I completed my first morning and evening shift milking! I’ve never milked before so it was a bit scary for me, coming from a beef background I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into! But i can actually say it was such a good experience!


My morning started with pushing the cows up into the collecting yard, then running them into the parlour. Once in, the cows udders were cleaned and the unit was put on. ( I never realised how heavy they are!) when the cow was dry, the unit would come off and clean the udders again and then ran through a foot bath which helps prevent lameness.

After being kicked, pooped and wee’ed on, the morning was done and I spend most of the day in front of the telly ( after I helped feed the pigs )


The evening shift when a lot bette with no injuries and no mess ( well, no mess on me anyways!) the cows did the same as the morning and it perfect!


Milk from cows on antibiotics was milked from the cow into a different tank and was thrown straight down the drains! I can’t stress this enough; the milk is never consumed by humans! Watching the milk been thrown away it really makes you think about a lot of dairy farms that are going out of business because of the supermarkets and it’s poor pay.


The whole day was so enjoyable and I would encourage everyone who wants to give it a go, to do it! You’ll love it!

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Mali x