Day Trips With My Lover

Since being home from university, I’ve not been able to see my partner as much as we would like. As I met him while I was up in Cheshire, being back in Bedfordshire does make things a bit harder. Luckily we’ve been able to plan a few days out and for him to meet my family.

First place we was able to go was Country File Live which takes place at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, which was amazing. Countryfile has always been an important Sunday watch in mine and his household. As soon as you enter the grounds, you’re met with 1000s of different foods, drinks, vodka and gin. Everything I love!

Countryfile Live offers lots of shops, stalls and even places to purchase a brand new car. There was lots going out throughout day, like talks from Matt and the other presenters, camera crew filming and demonstrations, like the Duck and Dog.

And there is no visit to Country File Live without going to ‘Adam’s Farm’, where livestock was kept and there was a chance to speak to REAL farmers, which I think is important to help educate the public on farms.

My partner and I also visited London, which was brilliant. Even though I live so close to London, I’ve never been! (mostly because I hate the busyness of the city and prefer the country side) We visited the Palace, Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, Marble Arch, Tower Bridge and all the other touristy places. We walked for miles down Regent Street and of course found Barbour! Where I purchased a lovely coat in the sale!

If you are ever in London I would recommend the museums, (free of charge) Science and Natural History. They are both huge places and you could really make a day of it! The kids will also love it! Very interactive and you’ll learn a lot.. I know I did!

We walked and we walked until we couldn’t walk anymore, sleepy and tired we jumped on the train home, got ourselves a Dominos and snuggled up in bed.

Perfect end to a perfect day!

Mali x


The Game Fair Blues

At the weekend I had the pleasure in visiting the Game Fair. I’ve never been before and didn’t really know what to expect, but I can honestly say it was the best show I’ve been to in years! As soon as you pull into Hatfield House, you could hear the guns and see all the gorgeous tweed clothing. I was quite surprised on how big the event was and as it’s on for 3 days it gives plenty of time to see everything! Walking around the Shopping Village, (where you will find me at most shows) was amazing! Seeing all the big and small companies promoting their style was lovely. As always Fair Fax and Favor had a beautiful stand, but County Equestrian Jewellers (@countyequestrianjewellers) had a lovely small stand where I purchased a gorgeous horse figure necklace (Little Horse Necklace £30).

Obviously no country show is the same without visiting the Barbour, Schoffel, Le Chameau (£125) and Joules tents and accidentally coming away with a few Schoffels (139.95), my own body weight in joules clothing and 1000’s of hints for new wellies.

It was very nice day spending time with my father after being away at university I’ve not really seen or spoken to him in a while as I was always busy with lambing, milking or AI-ing the pigs and him being a self employed builder with a passion for the pub, finding time to talk was difficult.

Overall the event was brilliant and will be visiting again, hopefully bring my other half and my mother.

Until next time The Game Fair, see you all at Ragley Hall for another brilliant event

Mali x

Farm Safety Week.

This week marks the beginning of Farm Safety Week and since it’s harvest it couldn’t of come at such a good time. Young people in agriculture are so unaware of the risks in which they face everyday, being a young farmer myself, I defiantly notice when friends and family aren’t being as careful as they should!

Just some very quick key things to remember during this summer;

  • Stay hydrated; keep a drink in the cab with you, otherwise headaches can take over.
  • Keep connected; if you’re feeling lonely, make sure you contact a friend, a family member or even just send a cheeky text to radio one!
  • Make sure you eat; working on the farm can be long hours which involve a lot of manual labour, being hungry is never good (especially if you’re like my, hangry = hunger and angry)
  • Get a good sleep in; working during harvest is long hours and it seems the nights go on forever but make sure you get some sleep. Tiredness can KILL.

Keep safe out there guys and girls, you’re doing an amazing job!

Mali x

Finding my feet in the big city… Again!

For the past year I’ve been living at University in Cheshire with all the wonderful views of the countryside. Since being home and back in the city, I’ve realised I’ve lost touch with my city roots. (I’m not sure if I even had any to start with!)

Swapping my wellies for heels hasn’t been easy! I miss the days where my Le Chameau’s, some Topshop jeans, a Joules top and a Schoffel paired with a scarf was accepted as a nice ‘going out’ outfit! And trips to  the pub consisted of networking, showing pictures of your tractors/livestock and everyone knew everyone. Now it’s £6 pints, a room full of people you have never seen before and a massive queue in the bathroom. When worst when visiting your local Whetherspoons and needing to actually dressing up to get in and no wellies don’t make the cut.. I’ve tried.

I guess being home isn’t all bad, I can catch up on Netflix, eat all the yummy home cooked food and see my fabulous family. (As I write this I’m binge watching Gotham) With being home it also means I see my beloved chickens!

Being home is lovely, but I can’t wait to get back to my happy place, surrounded by countryside. You can take the girl out the country, but you will never take the country out of the girl.

Mali x

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to my first ever blog post! I’m Mali and I’m on a journey to a better life… A Country Life! Currently living in the small town of Bedford, travelling to Staffordshire to see the other half. My life consists of lambing and waiting for lambing season to start! As my family have a farm in Wales, I defiantly get my fair share in all the duties from cleaning out to cuddles.

I look forward in telling you all about my mad but wonderful life.

Thanks for reading!

Mali x

P.S. I’m very new to blogging so please be patient with me!