My farming life.

As we all know getting into farming is an impossible task, especially when you’re not from a farming background. I’ve grown up in Bedfordshire, quite town-like, not much farm land, but I have family who live in north Wales, who have their own farm and I’ve always been up to help, during lambing, TB testing and everything in between. I’m very hands on and have been since I was very young ( I lambed my first ewe on my own when I was 5) so I’m not fussy about getting down and dirty. Since I’ve been able to talk, I’ve always wanted to do something with animals and farming, once I left middle school, I started my high school, which had a farm on site and we was able to take it as a option. Most people chose art and history, I took triple farm, so I could spend most of my days there. I absolutely loved it.

For a girl to be on the farm, even only a few years ago it was very odd. All of my other classmate were boys, which meant I always had to work harder and prove myself, which i did, time and time again. From difficult lambing, ill piglets, aggressive chickens, everything. Being only 14 and knowing what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, came when I was in those lessons.

Once I finished school, I went on and did agriculture at college which was really eye-opening, more girls in my class made it so much better (still there was only 7 of us), I was still very hands on and work harder on the academic side as I wasn’t very good at that. Over the 2 years at college, I learnt so much which then encouraged me to apply for university. Getting into uni, showed me the if you apply yourself and something you love, you’ll receive. I work my arse off, to be in those lessons, but it was quite daunting as everyone else was from a farm and I came from a semi detached house in Bedford, which meant I had to prove myself once again, it’s hard when you feel very alone and not many people understanding why? Farming is a very alone job in itself, and I do enjoy animal company over human, but not having anyone is worst..


I’m now moving back to uni, in the next few days, for my second year and I’m so proud of where I’ve come from. I’m happy and excited for the future

Next step; finding some land to rent/buy with my partner so I can finally live the dream. I’m so lucky to have someone who wants the same dream. Onwards and upwards my old mucker!

Mali x


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