Week away: Staffordshire

I’m having/had the best week with my partner at his home in Staffordshire. Seeing the cows every morning and having such amazing views from every window, really makes me more excited about moving up here in a year or two! I’ve definitely been born loving the country, much to my mothers disgust.. (she’s a townie through and through) just something about the cold morning wind that really makes me feel at home and the fact I can have cow cuddles whenever is also a massive bonus!

Most people would of liked to go on holiday during the summer but being here is so much better! Passing 20 tractors a day, all on harvest and silage, trying to get the most out of the dry weather. Also my partner doesn’t have a lot of ground of his own, he works for lots of farmers in the area, so he’s pretty busy all the time, helping them and also working for his own business in Plumbing. So being able to spend almost a whole week together has been amazing!

Places to visit if you’re from staffs;

Oatcakes and Milkshakes– literally the best milkshakes I’ve ever had! As I’m a massive lover of chocolate and all things sweet, I would definitely recommend to my fellow chocoholic!

Flip out Stoke– flip out is a massive indoor trampoline place, with foam pits! It just showed how unfit me and my partner are but it’s will still a laugh (especially when I got stuck in the foam and the little kids was showing me up but doing cool flips )

Cheshire Oaks– my heaven! All my favourite shops (Joules, Barbour, Mulberry etc) all in one place with massive discounts on the retail price! I’ve picked up a cute shirt from joules, new trainers from Vans, a pull over from Crew Clothing, shirt from Barbour, hoodie from Superdry and some new boots from Dorothy Perkins.

We also made an appearance at the young farmers my partner goes too. It was a really fun night, doing an auction and trying to work out how much everything cost, but there is no visit to young farmers without a pub trip afterwards!

It’s been so lovely to be with him again. Just can’t wait to be moving back to Uni 22 days in counting!

Mali x


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